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HeartHealing is a revolutionary integrative healing approach combining scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deep and profound shifts.



Most methods in the transformational industry focus on the power of the mind, and whereas mind transformation can be powerful, we believe it is only one layer. HeartHealing focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds your mind cannot see. According to quantum physics, the heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind. So it makes sense that healing your heart may create much bigger transformation than just healing your mind.

HeartHealing also imprints changes at a soul level through the incorporation of spiritual techniques and wisdom that were channeled from it's pioneer, Natasha Bray, worldwide Success Mastery Coach and Master HeartHealer and Founder of the School of Healing Mastery. Natasha has a 15 year history in transforming lives and helping people overcome blocks, inner wounds and trauma that are holding them back and causing them to sabotage their success in life, love and career.

We have all had experiences that have impacted our heart, whether that's a loss or trauma, feeling rejected or betrayed, judged, unsafe, not accepted, abandoned or not enough in some way. We learned to put walls up around our hearts to stop us ever feeling that pain so intensely again. But in doing so, we also created energetic blocks to receiving the unconditional love, success and abundance we truly desire and dream of.

HeartHealing is based on a relationship based model of success that is attachment and trauma informed.


"I felt this amazing sense of empowerment and calm .
I am now much more confident and sure of my myself.
My relationship with work and my father has completily changed."

Recent client (30 year old male) response to a sesssion.


"I am beginning to see my self differently. I can trust and value myself.
I have my power and not willing to be in relationships that don't respect me .

This is a massive shift for me!"

Recent client (37 year old female) response to a sesssion.




It metaphorically breaks down those walls built around your

Heart by unveiling and addressing

the cycles of trauma and wounding passed down

through families in as little as ONE hour.


When booking a HeartHealing ™️ package you get:

1) Intial 50 minute consultation.

2) 90minute session.

3) HeartHealing Imprint ™️.

4) 50 minute follow-up meeting.

5) Email support.




I am currently offering a HeartHealing package for a reduced price of £300.
From March this will increase to £500.


Please send me an  email   to book your package or any other questions.


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