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"The Mens group has been a place for me to connect with myself with the support of other men in a safe environment. I could have only accessed this level of connection with myself due to the solidarity and trust that is gained through being in a circle of men.
Aaron and Mark both host the space in the most magnificent way, enabling what is needed to come out for each man through their vast experience in working with us men.
This is a real place, where real emotions will rise, it has taken me to some of the most uncomfortable places where I have then found the answers I've been looking for.
I would highly recommend this men's group if you are looking to do some real work on yourself, or simply connect with other men in a sacred environment"
Ben (35 old)


An invitation to join our on-going Mens Group.

Thursday evenings from 6.30 – 9.30pm in around a fire near Brighton..

The Mens Group is a therapeutic journey in which you are supported and encouraged to express your truth, to be the most authentic version of who you are and to connect with your innermost vulnerability. It is set up as a safe and supportive space in which to do this, a space in which each man is honoured, valued and ‘seen’.

We all have wounds that we carry within which relate to our most basic needs, which are often about love and recognition. This may be something we didn’t experience growing up in a culture that encourages us as men to be thick skinned and to look like we are doing ok even when we don’t feel this. It takes courage to come together and break through the veneer, the masks that we wear and to risk something more honest. It is very powerful when there is a group of us committed to undertaking this journey together.

Many of us have had to grow up fending for ourselves and just ‘hoping for the best.’ Perhaps our fathers were not there. Or if they were, maybe they were emotionally unavailable, critical, and even abusive. Maybe we learnt that other men were a threat, who we had to ‘compete’ with, at all costs. Not to be trusted. We learnt to “be strong”, to “be tough” and “man up!” Through being part of the Men’s group we can start to have a new experience of ourselves as men and to realize that we are supported and that we are not alone.

Practical details:

The group runs on a Thursday evening from 6.30 – 9.30pm. It is a closed group but new people can join at the beginning of a new term.

If you are interested please get in contact. Currently we have no openings. But spaces  open up from time to time, so get in touch to find out about the current situation .

The cost is £80 per month ( 3 sessions) and we ask for a commitment to a whole term which is a 3 month period, approximately 12 sessions. The reason for this is so that there is cohesion and commitment within the group as a whole. This is the energy of commitment that is needed to enable the depth of the work to happen. However, if you are wanting to join you are welcome to come along to an initial session to see if it feels right for you before proceeding any further.

It takes place outdoors around a fire, near Brighton.

The group will be lead by Aaron Swartz

I invite you to join us.

Click here to contact us.



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